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Dr. Bashar Bizrah has over 25 years of experience and has performed over 36,000 scarless Rhinoplasty procedures


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    You deserve to have a rhinoplasty procedure with one of the world’s leaders in surgical innovations and who holds the largest operative video library

    Why Choose Dr Bashar Bizrah For Your Nose Reshaping & Facial Plastic Surgery

    Dr Bashar Bizrah is well known internationally for Rhinoplasty in London & Facial Plastic Surgery.
    Our aim is to harmonize your nose with your facial features.


    • Over 38,000 Rhinoplasty surgery performed.
    • Closed Rhinoplasty, Minimal Scars and minimally Invasive approach.
    • Local Anesthesia with sedation or General Anesthesia.
    • Highly experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK for patients of different ethnic background, people from Europe, Middle East, India, Africa & China (Rib graft )
    • Expert, well trusted and world-recognized surgeon for Rhinoplasty In London and Dubai.
    • Same-day surgery, less swelling, speedy recovery.
    • Naturally looking nose job or nose reshaping results.

    Academic History

    Qualifications and memberships

    • Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons of England in RhinoplastyFacial Plastic Surgery and Blepharoplasty
    • Full GMC Registration on Specialist Register
    • Fellowship in Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCS)
    • FRCS since 1994
    • Member of The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS)
    • Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons
    • Member of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)



    Dr.Bashar Bizrah is the writer & Author of Surgical Textbook on ( Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgery ), since 2002 (500 page – over 1000 illustration). This book is recognized by The American and European Academies of Facial Plastic Surgery.

    – World-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon and an expert for Rhinoplasty in London.
    – Lectures Globally on Facial Plastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty in London.

    Advanced Rhinoplasty


    With World Renowned Consultant

    Dr Bashar Bizrah


    Why Attend?

    • √ Learn how to perform Rhinoplasty in 30-45 minutes
    • √ Learn Dr Bizrah’s approach in over 38000 rhinoplasty procedures
    • √ Operative videos masterclass, all practical no theories
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    Watch Bizrah Operating
    Watch Bizrah Operating
    Watch Bizrah Operating
    Watch Bizrah Operating

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    Client Testimonials

    Our Webinar Reviews

    Good course for ENT trainees.

    Iuliana Morsriu

    ENT Registrar
    Loved the innovative process of using coastal cartilage.

    Dr Aditya Yeolekar

    Associate Prof ENT
    It is nice that the webinar concentrates on surgical tricks and pearls. Excellent video demonstration.

    Ahmed Younes

    ENT consultant
    Very nice surgical non-traumatic technique with beautiful results. maybe for beginners some parts of surgery can be demonstrated a bit slower.

    Linas Zaleckas

    MD, PhD, Assoc. prof., Head of the Centre of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Vilnius University, Lithuania
    “Thank you for sharing your experience. The webinar was informative and enjoyable.”

    Nasser Alozaib

    Nice presentation very informative but not suitable for young beginner specialists.

    Muhammad Abolazm

    Plastic surgery specialist
    Amazing presentation and excellent teaching webinar.

    Laith Dahoun

    Practical as usual.

    Ioannis Bardanis

    Head of ENT Dept, General Hospital of Ikaria, Greece
    I have learned a lot from this webinar since I am working with Asian people now.

    Sovannara LENG, MD

    Plastic surgeon
    Many Many Thanks

    Anas Alhariri

    ENT Consultant
    The Best ENT surgeon.

    Tran Quang Phuc

    South East Asia penisula
    Detailed surgical approach and good planning.

    Silvia Wyneken

    Plastic Surgeon
    A new method that I did not approach previously.

    Dr. Zeid Alboushy

    ENT Specialist
    Good and comprehensive webinar.

    Naser Saleh Khalifa Alalwani

    Very simplified and helpful.

    Mahtali imen

    Watch Bizrah Operating
    Watch Bizrah Operating
    Watch Bizrah Operating
    Watch Bizrah Operating

    Dr. Bizrah is extremely good at what he is doing and most importantly he makes sure that the patient will feel comfortable and satisfied too. I have more confidence now than I’ve ever had before because of my rhinoplasty. More power and success and thank you for doing a great job.

    Lina Bassam, London (UK)

    Dr. Bashar Bizrah is an amazing doctor and a real expert in his field of profession. I would like to extend our gratitude for bringing back the confidence of my cousin, she underwent septo-rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Bizrah about 2years ago and we were really happy with the result. the procedure was under local anesthesia with sedation which made her go home on the same day, as per her she doesn’t feel any pain and discomfort during the rhinoplasty surgey and she really had a fast recovery and able to go back work after few days only.

    Mira Karam, Dubai (UAE)

    To doctor Bashar Bizrah: I am writing to thank u for ur excellent work. I came all the way from my home country to London to look for a professional surgeon, and it was really worth it. Once again thank u so much for the amazing work u did, and I do really appreciate all the support u gave me before and after the rhinoplasty surgery

    Z.El Hassani, Riyadh (SA)

    I have a friend who came and visit Dr. Bashar Bizrah to have a consultation. And from the time after meeting her Doctor she never doubted him. My friend undergo a surgery (Septo-rhinoplasty) to him. From the start until now she was very happy and satisfied with her result. And based on her experience, it was good to be treated with professionalism and care. All his works were spectacular, she added. After 3 years up to the present time, she gained self-confidence in many ways. All her experience was a meaningful and a great day. Moreover, she felt that “coming in his clinic is like dealing with a trusted family”. All thanks to doctor Bashar Bizrah.

    S.G, London (UK)

    Doctor Bashar Bizrah is one of the best doctor’s I  have seen in my life. I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor from the beginning till the end of surgery when my cousin did her rhinoplasty surgery with him. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bashar Bizrah to all my family, relatives and friends if they want to do rhinoplasty surgery. He is the best.

    Josh, London (UK)

    I had Blepharoplasty 6 months ago with Dr. Bashar Bizrah. And the result is amazing! Dr Bashar explains all the details to me very professionally during my consultation that makes me decide to do the surgery. He is an amazing surgeon

    Caroline Marcelino, London (UK)

    We would like to thank Dr.Bashar Bizrah Me and my sister, We are very happy with the results after the operation. Of course, the result of my rhinoplasty is probably the best thing about my experience.

    Zoya and Alena, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

    The rhinoplasty experience was great. I love my results and have recommended them to everyone who has expressed interest in having the procedure done. This was the best decision of my life. I’m beyond satisfied. The results were spectacular and went above and beyond what I thought possible. I actually feel pretty now!

    Gwen, London (UK)

    Dr. Bizrah and his skilled staff are the absolute best at what they do. They make you feel comfortable and take the best care of you. I love my perfect nose now. So, of course Dr. Bizrah was the right fit for my rhinoplasty.

    Katrina, London (UK)

    I feel confident and beautiful! My face is overall just better! My nose was way too big and now it is more delicate and feminine and just suits me so much more! The faculty was unbelievable professional and friendly! My rhinoplasty surgery results are out of this world better than I would have imagined!

    Isla, London (UK)

    I feel that I had an amazing experience with Dr. Bizrah and his team. His whole staff made the rhinoplasty experience comfortable from the very first phone call. They all made me feel extremely comfortable and helped me immensely through my Rhinoplasty surgery

    Jessica, London (UK)

    The surgeon listened to what I wanted and made sure that it would look good and proportionate with my face. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and I trusted him greatly with my surgery. He not only made sure it would look good after the surgery but he also accounted for the future growth of my face and dropping of the nose. I am extremely happy with the results of my rhinoplasty.

    Michelle, London (UK)

    I breathe better, snore less…and haven’t had a single sinus infection since the operation. Dr. Bizrah has many years of experience in rhinoplasty and I love my results!

    Jennifer, London (UK)

    Dr. Bizrah was amazing, he walked me through the process of my rhinoplasty in great detail.
    I am more confident in my everyday life. Dr. Bizrah and his practiced changed my life forever and I will forever be grateful.

    Aliya, Dubai (UAE)

    I feel more comfortable with my new nose. I feel more confident and it looks so natural I feel like I was born this way!! I am so happy I made the decision to have a rhinoplasty with Dr. Bizrah and his staff are truly amazing.

    Zara, Dubai (UAE)

    All the staff are friendly and helpful! They all explained everything in depth. To where I fully understood everything! I am very satisfied because Dr.Bizrah got needs of exactly how I wanted my nose to look. Truly the best nose surgeon !

    Sarah, London (UK)

    I have been looking to get a nose job for 10 years. Dr. Bizrah had made my life more easier. He is one of the Best rhinoplasty surgeon around. Very professional. Amazing result.

    Amina, Dubai (UAE)

    Dr. Bashar is the best at what he does. I really believe he’s mastered rhinoplasty. I personally have reviewed the doctor’s previous work for rhinoplasty and was very impressed. My expectations were met and I am very happy.

    Kelly, London (UK)

    Excellent and very interesting webinar! Great videos. Looking forward for more


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    The goals are to provide and relieve patients as much as possible and to improve quality of surgical care with utmost luxury and comfort.

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    Doctor to the Stars

    Dr. Bashar Bizrah is a well-known specialist and standout among the experienced British Rhinoplasty, Facial and Eyelid surgeons, he is one of the most famous Facial Plastic Surgeon known for his natural results and honest to goodness care to his patients and extraordinary results.


    Dr. Bashar Bizrah is featured in different media articles, newspaper, and international TV stations, addressing his success rate of over 38,000 facial surgical procedures operated by him to date.

    International Recognition

    Dr. Bashar Bizrah is one of the most experienced British Rhinoplasty, Facial and Eyelid surgeons. Widely known for his artistic touch and scientific advanced approach to rhinoplasty.

    Modern Scientific Approach

    Memberships & Accreditations

    Our specialists members are affiliated with following internationally recognized institutions

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