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A Preoperative Investigation Of Rhinoplasty Patient Management

Preoperative Instruction
The following investigations are routinely performed to check the general health of the patient:

  • CBC, RBS, Creatinine, Liver function test, Hepatitis, HIV.
  • ECG and Chest x-ray.
  • CT scan of nose as sinuses: if patient is going for both functional and cosmetic surgery.

Preoperative Instruction
Referral form is given to the patient for the hospital with map direction. The following instructions written clearly in the referral form and explained to the patients:

  1. Do not drink or eat after midnight before surgery or six hours before surgery for children.
  2. Bring to the hospital all the preoperative investigations and x-rays.
  3. If diabetic, asthmatic, on hypotensive drugs, anticoagulants or any medicines, please inform the hospital nurse and the anesthetist.
  4. To take a shower on the morning of the day of the operation.
  5. If, for any circumstances, there is a change in operation date, please inform the clinic as soon as possible.
  6. Try to be in the hospital at the exact time indicated to avoid any delay in the operation time.
  7. Do not hesitate to contact the clinic for any further questions.

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