Dr. Bashar Bizrah

Dr Bashar Bizrah is one of the top 10 most influential rhinoplasty surgeons in the world.  As well as having performed over 40,000 rhinoplasty procedures, he has founded two internationally recognized clinics, authored an industry-leading textbook on facial cosmetic surgery, and has pioneered innovative techniques that have revolutionized the world of rhinoplasty, facelifts and blepharoplasty.  He is one of the most renowned experts in the field and a trusted physician who understands how to put his patients first.

One of the key aspects that differentiate Dr Bizrah is his unique, inclusive approach.  Much of the mainstream medical community continues to be slow to embrace the concept of multi-ethnic treatment protocols, yet Dr. Bizrah has always demonstrated his awareness of how procedures must be tailored to suit a patient’s background and ethnicity to achieve the best results.  Patients come from all over Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and China because they know that Dr Bizrah can offer a bespoke level of care that takes into account their individuality and needs.  By accommodating these nuances, Dr Bizrah can ensure that every procedure can alleviate the issues faced by the patient without compromising their confidence with an outdated one-size-fits-all approach.

It is hard to imagine a more important feature we have as individuals than our faces.  They are how we greet the world, express our emotions, and reflect our personalities.  That is why facial cosmetic surgery is one of the most delicate and difficult fields of medicine to practice.  Whether a patient needs a treatment for a breathing issue or to fix an injury or to achieve the look they have always wanted, it is absolutely essential that they can be confident of an outcome that will protect and enhance their appearance.  Dr Bizrah has an unrivalled proven track record in performing procedures that are minimally invasive and result in less swelling and a faster recovery with minimal scarring.  The pioneering techniques he has developed include single anesthesia procedures to resolve internal and external nasal issues simultaneously, turbinate reduction, nasal deviation correction and rib graft.

The Internal Structure

Rhinoplasty itself is obviously one of the most fragile and subtle areas of facial plastic surgery.  Since the nose is positioned in the center of the face, it is often a crucial element that dictates harmony and balance.   Given how essential this facial facet is, any alterations or treatment must be gentle, precise and capable of enhancement without compromising aesthetic foundations. Dr Bizrah’s unrivalled experience has enabled him to have an innate grasp of what is required to achieve the optimum results for the patient.  He is adept at taking into account the internal structure of the nose including the airways, nasal polyps, turbinectomies and deviated septum.  His abilities are so renowned as he is able to address both internal issues and aesthetic alterations to the external structure within the same surgery.

Respected Reputation

In addition to practicing in his London and Dubai clinics Dr Bizrah’s talents as a consultant otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon have established him as a leading authority for current and training surgeons all over the world.  He has performed over 45,000 facial plastic surgeries, a figure that is almost unmatched in the industry and is further evidence of his vast experience.  Having completed his Rhinoplasty Facial Aesthetic Surgery Textbook, he is now called upon to lecture globally about facial cosmetic surgery.  His pioneering You Tube channel includes live surgeries where Dr Bizrah is able to talk through his process and provide on-table results as well as real-world demonstrations of best approach techniques.  He has gone even further in his contributions to the cosmetic surgery field by founding the London Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.  This academy is dedicated to expanding knowledge and techniques on to future surgeons.  In his role as President of LAFPS, Dr Bizrah hosts regular online webinars for international attendees looking to discover the science and methodology behind his visionary techniques.  Streamed live to attendees from all over the world, these sessions offer a comprehensive teaching resource for surgeons in training, allowing both junior and senior surgeons to grasp his innovative rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery techniques.  The academy is also honored to have Professor Mauro Tarallo  from the University of Rome as its Vice-President and surgeons from around the globe can apply to become a member or fellow.

Qualifications, Memberships & Fellowships

  • Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons of England in cosmetic surgery for RhinoplastyFacial Plastic Surgeryand Blepharoplasty
  • Full GMC Registration on Specialist Register
  • Fellowship in Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCS)
  • FRCS since 1989
  • Member of The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS)
  • Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Member of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)

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