Broken Nose – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments

  A broken nose or nasal fracture refers to the breaking of one or multiple bones of the nose. The nose structure primarily consists of bone, cartilage, and fibrofatty tissues. A layer of skin covers these structures and gives them an ideal nasal structure with septal division. While the external nasal skeleton comprises nasal and […]

The Deviated Septum : When It Needs Treatment?

The Nasal septum is the thin central division on the nose that is composed of bones and cartilages. The function of the nasal septum is to create left and right airways inside the nose that we call nostrils. However, very few people have a perfectly centrally placed nasal septum. There is always a mild deviation […]

How Can you Fix a Deviated Septum with Septoplasty?

What Causes a Deviated Septum?   The nasal cavity is divided into the right and left nostrils through a thin wall known as the septum. At times, congenital or traumatic factors can lead to its displacement from the middle of the nose. This condition is called a ‘deviated septum’ or ‘nasal septum deviation.’ The nasal […]

Dr. Bizrah Helped To Remove Slug’-Sized Growth In Nose Of Young Woman

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An Introduction To Septorhinoplasty Incisions And Primary Manoeuvres:

– Dorsum undermining. – Division of upper lateral cartilages from septum. – Caudal trimming of upper lateral cartilages. – Conservative trimming of the caudal septum. Dorsum undermining: Following the intercartilagenous incision: Use a sharp scissors to identify the right plane of the caudal upper lateral cartilages. Next, use blunt scissors to proceed with skin elevation. […]

Read About Septorhinoplasty Incisions And Primary Manoeuvres

Incisions are essential in order to approach, reach modify and correct the nasal structure in septorhinoplasty. The septorhinoplasty incisions have a special importance. The intercartilagenous incisions divide the attachment of lateral crus to the upper lateral cartilage and the transfixion incision divides the attachment of the medial crura to the caudal septum. This results in […]

Rhinoplasty Bizrah: Local Anaesthesia

Rhinoplastic surgeons have a duty to dispel the horror stories that have become associated with nasal surgery and general anaesthesia. We were urged to apply and develop the technique of local anaesthesia with sedation, in order to reduce the patient’s fear caused by general anaesthesia and to provide a more safe, comfortable and convenient procedure. […]

Get To Know About Rhinoplasty Patient Management & Follow Up

The first follow-up visit will be one week postoperative for cast removal. When removing the cast consider the following: Reassure the patient that there is no pain. Remove both sides of the tape at the same time and the cast from the middle. Do not remove side by side, the cast will cause pressure and […]