Dr. Bizrah Helped To Remove Slug’-Sized Growth In Nose Of Young Woman

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An Introduction To Septorhinoplasty Incisions And Primary Manoeuvres:

– Dorsum undermining. – Division of upper lateral cartilages from septum. – Caudal trimming of upper lateral cartilages. – Conservative trimming of the caudal septum. Dorsum undermining: Following the intercartilagenous incision: Use a sharp scissors to identify the right plane of the caudal upper lateral cartilages. Next, use blunt scissors to proceed with skin elevation. […]

Read About Septorhinoplasty Incisions And Primary Manoeuvres

Incisions are essential in order to approach, reach modify and correct the nasal structure in septorhinoplasty. The septorhinoplasty incisions have a special importance. The intercartilagenous incisions divide the attachment of lateral crus to the upper lateral cartilage and the transfixion incision divides the attachment of the medial crura to the caudal septum. This results in […]

Rhinoplasty Bizrah: Local Anaesthesia

Rhinoplastic surgeons have a duty to dispel the horror stories that have become associated with nasal surgery and general anaesthesia. We were urged to apply and develop the technique of local anaesthesia with sedation, in order to reduce the patient’s fear caused by general anaesthesia and to provide a more safe, comfortable and convenient procedure. […]

Get To Know About Rhinoplasty Patient Management & Follow Up

The first follow-up visit will be one week postoperative for cast removal. When removing the cast consider the following: Reassure the patient that there is no pain. Remove both sides of the tape at the same time and the cast from the middle. Do not remove side by side, the cast will cause pressure and […]

Get To Know The Facts About Rhinoplasty Patient Management

The following facts should be made clear prior to surgery: The aim of the operation is improvement and not perfection. The patient should not have realistic expectations. There is always the possibility of minor revision procedures two to six months postoperative. Factors that might affect the outcome and are out of the surgeon`s control:Infection, scarring, […]

A Preoperative Investigation Of Rhinoplasty Patient Management

Preoperative Instruction The following investigations are routinely performed to check the general health of the patient: CBC, RBS, Creatinine, Liver function test, Hepatitis, HIV. ECG and Chest x-ray. CT scan of nose as sinuses: if patient is going for both functional and cosmetic surgery.   Preoperative Instruction Referral form is given to the patient for […]

Everything You Should Know About Rhinoplasty In-Patient Management

Preoperative preparation Anaesthesia and sedation Immediate postoperative care Preoperative preparation of the patient Patient is admitted to the day case surgical center or to the hospital at 7 a.m. Patient receives clinical examination by the admitting doctor and nurse. Patient with his preoperative investigations reviewed by the anaesthetist at 8:30 a.m. Premedications are given. (p. […]