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One of the most popular Cosmetic Surgeries, Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the nose. Some people are born with a disproportioned nose, some feel sagginess due to ageing and for others, an injury or a facial trauma can cause nose damage. Doctors even recommend it for improved breathing. Dr Bashar Bizrah is recognized as the Best Nose Surgeon in the UK for expert nose reshaping. He also has a team of Rhinoplasty specialists who can help you with successful rhinoplasty or nose job procedures.

is a surgical procedure of the nose that is done to improve the appearance or to correct any defects of the internal structure such as a deviated septum, eliminating breathing difficulties. Rhinoplasty is performed for aesthetic reasons, correcting internal structure or the combination of both. It is a complex and delicate procedure which reflects on the importance of choosing the best Nose Surgeon UK.

Chapter 1

History of Plastic Surgery