Excellent presentation, stimulating, enjoyable and interactive talks from an expert in rhinoplasty. Thank you very much.

Dr. Radwan Farah

Specialty Doctor in ENT UK
It was a marvelous webinar In nutshell Superb webinar covering all points

Dr Fazal I Wahid

Assistant Professor (E.N.T)

The presentation was very well illustrated, and the speaker showed a deep understanding of the surgical procedures!

Pietro Mainenti


It was very informative, brief, to the point, more of practical relevance, rather than theoretical

P Umar Farooq Baba

Additional Professor

It is nice that the webinar concentrates on the surgical tricks and pearls. Excellent video demonstration

Ahmed Younes

ENT consultant
Excellent presentation from an extraordinary surgeon

Iyad Hamadi

Consultant ENT

Webinar 8: Transconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty and Facelift: Upper & Lower SMAS

Very nice presentation of transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty, little bit shorter presentation of SMAS suture techniques!!! Very educational

Nikica Atanasova

ENT Specialist

La generosidad del Dr. Birthday sólo es comparable a lo práctico de sus enseñanzas , su simpleza y  su eficacia

Alfonso Quetglas

Plastic Surgeon

Very practical step by step instructions

Maxim Melenciuc

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Very informative talk and surgery

Ziad Kurdali


Very useful Information

Ernesto Mata

Ent in Malaga

Practical as usually

Ioannis Bardanis

Head of ENT Dept

Dear Dr. Bizrah.

I really want to thank you that you give the audience such opportunity to let them attend your webinars and watch your skills and listen to your advices. It was a pleasure for me to see such a profession like you speaking with high confidence and doing the three SMAS’s and blepharoplasty…

Jalal Abdul Karim

ENT Specialist

Very good webinar

Nassiba Gabouze

ENT Surgeon

Always amazing!

Bassel Chaykhouny

ENT Specialist

I liked your webinar very much; it was beneficial and useful for me.

Patricia Kmetova


how always excellent a master class

Víctor Hugo Nava Dominguez


Hope to continue sharing your Valuable experience

Hatem Eliwi


Excellent explanations and videos. Would be preferable to have Q+A on the chat function rather than email to improve interaction.

Hussein Walije

ENT Specialty Trainee

I like the live surgery the most


ENT Fellow

Very didactical

Pietro Mulas

MD, Plastic Surgeon

Very interesting way of explanation High quality operative videos

Vivian Aalfy Gabra Mansour

Practical intraoperative teaching.  Great way to learn! Thank You!

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Very nice informative webinar in a short time.

Hanan Dixon


Always simplified the things and great in explaining things

Dr. Laique khalid


Very clear, practi­cal and didactical.

Dr. Martín de Jesús García Macías

Overall learned many tricks to solve the things safely in Less time

Hazqeel Ahmed Solangi

Staff physician department of plastic surgery national guard hospital Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Interesting presentation

Theda Kontis


Great content, easy to understand, looking forward for the next one.

Matthaios Souchlakis


Nice presentation

Laith Awad Dahoun


Good and illustrated webinar

Naser Saleh Khalifa Alalwani


Thank you very much for your informative presentation.

Mehmet Gökhan Demir

Clearly explained, Tips and tricks, interesting subjects

Atanasoae Ionut

Thanks for webinar

Viresh Arora

I have learnt the trick from fat transposition for lower blepharoplasty and other procedure

Sovannara Leng, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Excellent webinar Excavate my knowledge level dramatically in nutshell it was mesmerizing webinar and request to be held in future again and again Stay blessed and safe

Dr Fazal I Wahid

Assistant Professor ENT

Perfect procedure and clear video

Dr. Sallam Taha

Consultant ENT

Short, clear and very informative event Thank you very much

Salem Farhat, FRCS, MSc. DLO

Consultant ENT surgeon

Very comprehensive and interesting

Theodoros Kazopoulos

Senior Consultant ENT


Fernando Quintanilla Vargas

Professor de Plastic Surgery

The transconjunctival blepharoplasty was very illustrative.

Ismail Ibrahim  

Consultant plastic surgery

An excellent talk by a man who knows his stuff. The addition of the full surgical videos are very welcome

Dr. Saud M. Chaudhery

Asst. Consultant (Plastic Surgery)

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Professor of plastic surgery


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Consultant and head section of plastic surgery

Great lecture

Prof. Sameer Ali Bafaqeeh

Otolaryngology university professor/ Facial Plastic division. PAAFPRS Vice President

Simple and straightforward stepwise procedures

Amir Khattab


Illustrated, clear. Could be shorter

Mohamed Elmoursy

Consultant plastic surgery FRCS plast EBOPRAS MRCSI

Dr. Bizrah is a very accomplished surgeon with a no-nonsense approach to aesthetic surgery. It’s a delight to watch his excellent videos and enjoy his faultless technique. The audio, however, could use some improvement. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Dr. Benjamin Villaran

Surgical Director, Centro Laguna Plastic Surgery


Mauro Tarallo

Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery University La Sapienza, Rome

It was a great. It has lots of new Knowledges as he is a famous Surgeon.

Sadik Haroun

ENT consultant

Interesting Webinar. Contains many interesting Topics especially in Facelift

Fady Bou Malhab

Head ENT Alhokail Khobar KSA

You make see so easy to understand The Technique. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn through Your hands! Thanks to share.

Cristobal Esquivel García.

Plastic Surgeon

Nice presentation and valuable information

Tarek Abouzayed

Plastic Surgeon

Very interesting and complete presentation with a lot of tips for safe procedures.

Jlenia Pecchioli

Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon

I like that almost all the talk was with video illustrated, that is very useful.

Miguel Priego

Plastic Surgeon

Excellent video for education


Maxillo Facial Surgeon

Perfecto, amazing surgical techniques

Vivian Alfy Gabra

Plastic Surgeon

Excellent webinar with a lot of learning.

Mr Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry


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Khurshid Alam

Plastic Resident

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Plastic Surgery Resident

It was great to see the technique of transconjunctival blepharoplasty

Marc Bannier Liberal

Plastic Surgeon