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Its good and a great learning opportunity. The way you describe and make things easy is great. Thank you

Laique Khalid

Thanks for very informative life surgery of rhinoplasty

Ziad Kurdali

Thanks for the nice webinar content, much better if there is moderator who present Dr. Bashar, also the content is how I do it, more before and after photos, more about complications, Regards

Dr Yakout Alaraji

Great videos. Detailed information, but easy to understand

Clara Mota

Excellent webinar with useful practical tips for surgeons

Gyorgy Banhegyi

Superb webinar well organized revealing ultra-short and complete technique of rhinoplasty really 💜 touching.

Dr. Fazal Wahid

The presentation was very well illustrated, and the speaker showed a deep understanding of the surgical procedures!.

Pietro Mainenti

It was very informative, brief, to the point, more of practical relevance, rather than theoretical.

P Umar Farooq Baba

It is nice that the webinar concentrates on surgical tricks and pearls. Excellent video demonstration.

Ahmed Younes

Excellent presentation from an extraordinary surgeon.

Iyad Hamadi