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Very good. Actually, if things were different (regarding COVID-19) I would be interested in watching Dr. Bizrah operating in live.

Loannis Bardanis

Very good and good result.

Juan Mangili

It was helpful with tips for aesthetic nasal surgery.

Dr Irene Karabouta

Very clear explanations.

Delia Alexandru

You explain it very well. And especially the question-answer session was great. Prof himself answer almost every question and explained it beautifully. Thank you

Dr. Laique Khalid

Excellent, made easy and reproducible

Dr P Umar Farooq Baba

Few practical tips but very aware crooked noses are most tricky to correct


Dr Ekambar Reddy

Because it was only focused on Crooked noses, there were many useful tips from the talks targeted to this subject.

Dr Muhammad Abolazm

Very clear, straight to the point. Very nicely explained

Dr Mahmoud Shahin

Crooked nose is a very difficult surgery, and its recurrence is more common than other problems. I saw some mistakes I made in this webinar and learned their solutions.

Dr Nikica Atanasova