Dr Bizrah is committed to providing his patients with a unique experience in which their needs are met and their expectations exceeded. Want to know more? Why not hear what they have to say for themselves

Nice to concentrate on 1 step in each webinar.

Ahmed Younes

A lot of practical tips.

Nikica Atanasova

Good explanation and great surgical techniques.

Deni Herdiyanto

Very clear information, interesting tips, and tricks.

Pietro Mulas

Very nicely presented. well organized. the videos and images are excellent.

H Ayub

Thank you so much Dr. for this meeting, really I’m very pleased, I hope continue with this wonderful meeting.

Ghazi mustafa Rawanduzi

Excellent I have attended your sessions in RSM in person in the past. Very impressive.

Azhar Iqbal

Thank you so much for your dedication to the education of your colleagues.


The course itself was very informative and well laid out. Dr Bizrah’s enthusiasm for the subject only made the effort more interesting. Highly recommended for those interested in Rhinoplasty.

Saud Majid Chaudhery

Brief but very informative webinars.

Mansoor Sharifi