Before and After

Face & Neck Lift

Those above the age of 40 years may experience some degree of loss of skin elasticity of the face and neck and facial fat Atrophy which may result in jowling of the lower face, sagging and redundant skin and smooth deep folds. These ageing changes may have an impact on patient psychology, social life and career.

Therefore Face and Neck Lift procedure is performed by lifting and tightening the skin and facial muscles (SMAS). This SMAS technique will offer natural and long-lasting results. Face Lifts turn back time where patients look and feel much younger. A youthful appearance is achieved.

Mini Lift: this procedure mainly corrects jowling and sagging skin of the mid-face and around the jawline. The incisions run in a natural crease around the lobe of the ear. This procedure takes around one hour and is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. In USA this procedure is called Lunch Time Face Lift as patients can go home straight after surgery and can return to work in two days time.

Standard Face Lift:

This procedure is planned for older patients who have excessive sagging skin, jowling or redundant skin on mid-face, jawline or neck. The incisions extend from the temples and runs in the skin creases along to front and back of the ear. Both the skin and muscles are lifted during the procedure (SMAS Technique). This SMAS technique allows for long-term results. The procedure is done in two hours and is considered as same day surgery. Patients can return to work in two weeks from surgery date.

As understood and known, for any cosmetic procedure on the body whether referring to a Face Lift, Tummy Tuck, or other, final results will take several months. Therefore, patients should be patient after cosmetic surgery. If patients require or need a secondary procedure, then this is decided and done after one year.