Facelift Before and After

There can be many elements of life that are stressful and many elements of life that can be exciting.  All of this can often take a toil on our bodies that isn’t fair.  Sometimes our faces don’t reflect who we want to be and we can find ourselves unhappy with what we see in the mirror.  The effects of aging can produce unsightly sagging skin or excess fat deposits that pull on the facial composition.  Luckily there are plenty of ways to turn back the clock, including a bespoke face and/or neck lift.  For some patients this could be the answer to reversing the ageing process and looking their best self.

What is a Face and Neck Lift?

Most commonly found in those over 40, a face and neck lift is often utilised for those experiencing some degree of skin elasticity loss around the face and neck or facial fat atrophy which can result in jowling of the lower face, sagging and redundant skin and smooth deep folds.  When this occurs, it can play havoc with a patients self-esteem and psychology, often adversely affecting their social and work life.  Dr Bizrah can offer patients a detailed and expert consultation to discuss their individual needs in order to help them turn back time and give them a more youthful appearance to suit their personality and lifestyle.  For younger patients considering a more preventative approach or individuals with minimal sagging skin, they can opt for a mini facelift, which will refresh their look and keep things looking younger for longer.

The Procedure

The face and neck lift procedure is performed by lifting and tightening the skin and facial muscles.  This is known as the SMAS technique and provides patients who have excess sagging skin or loss of volume in their cheeks with natural, long-lasting results.  The incisions for the SMAS technique extend from the temples and run along the skin creases to the front and back of the ear.  Dr Bizrah has performed thousands of SMAS face and neck lifts during which the skin and muscles are lifted in a same-day surgery completed in under two hours.  Ultimately a successful face lift can significantly reduce the presence of sagging or excess skin, which will give patients a smoother appearance, greater contouring and more defined features.  Depending on their individual requirements, patients can opt for either a face lift or a neck lift, or both at the same time. For patients in the early stages of facial skin sagging, a ‘mini lift’ might be appropriate.  This procedure is focused on correcting jowling and sagging skin of the mid-face and around the jawline.  The incisions run in a natural crease around the lobe of the ear and the procedure only takes around one hour to perform under local anaesthesia with sedation.  Since patients can go home straight after surgery and return to work in two days, it has been nicknamed the ‘Lunch Time Face Lift’.

A Face Reverse

One of Dr Bizrah’s signature facial cosmetic surgery procedures is a face reverse.  This innovative treatment combines a series of different procedures in one surgery and can make patients look 10-15 years younger.  The treatment includes a specific combination of procedures, completely tailored to the desires of the patient and intended to provide ‘the ultimate makeover of all makeovers’.  Dr Bizrah will sit with patients to discuss their needs and which of the procedures they will need.  The most common combination includes a face and neck lift to reduce folds and creases, a blepharoplasty to remove eye bags and sagging skin and finally a nasal tip plasty to improve tip projection.  A face reverse can instantly turn the clock back by 10 to 15 years and, with Dr Bizrah’s expert approach, patients can be assured of leaving with a natural look that adds harmony and provides beautiful, long-lasting results that can reserve the strains of time.

Results and Recovery

By utilising the most up-to-date methodologies and techniques, Dr Bizrah has been able to curate a selection of surgeries and procedures to assist with facial ageing issues that are fast, effective and result in minimal to no scarring.  Patients can expect to see the elimination of excess or saggy skin, a more defined jawline and a much more youthful appearance post-surgery.  Patients can confer with Dr Bizrah on which options might be right for them and what their specific results are likely to be in the following weeks and months.  Depending on the procedure or procedures selection, the recovery time can vary and patients can expect to be back at work anywhere from two to fourteen days post-surgery.