Rhinoplasty Before and After

As one of our most defining facial features, the nose is crucial to the way we look and feel, as well as the way in which the world perceives us.  For this reason, when we don’t feel comfortable with our nose, it can be extremely damaging to our self-esteem and mental health, and even our physical health.  It is therefore essential that rhinoplasty or a ‘nose job’ or ‘nose reshaping’ be conducted by an expert cosmetic surgeon with plenty of experience, but also one who understands that this type of facial cosmetic surgery is the most delicate and that any alterations must both protect and enhance the aesthetic of the patient’s face in the long-term.  Dr. Bizrah has one of the world’s strongest track records in rhinoplasty surgery, thanks to his decades of experience and unique, innovative approach.  He understands the crucial nature of facial plastic surgery, particularly when it comes to rhinoplasty, and is an expert at conducting surgical treatment for both the internal structure of the nose and aesthetic adaptations.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job’, is the branch of facial cosmetic surgery concerned with how your nose effects the harmony of your face, whether that requires proportional changes, symmetrical shifts, corrections to mitigate the impact of an injury or the repairment of structural defects that may present in the form of breathing issues.  You may want to consider a rhinoplasty procedure if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Nose size is upsetting the facial balance by being possibly too wide or too narrow, over or under projected
  • Abnormal nasal symmetry or enlarged tip
  • Flat nose
  • Over projected or under projected nasal tip
  • Unnatural nostril positioning or nostril collapse
  • Interrupted nose profile due to humps or depressions on the bridge
  • Breathing difficulties
  • A nasal fracture (previously broken nose)
  • An unsuccessful previous rhinoplasty or nose job
  • A cartilage or bone fracture (commonly found in sporting injuries)
  • A deviated septum or crooked nose

The Procedures

Given the delicate and complex nature of rhinoplasty surgery and facial cosmetic surgery, there is a wide range of nose surgery procedures available to patients based on their specific needs and individual anatomical features.  Dr Bizrah is one of the world’s foremost rhinoplasty surgeons and specializes in developing innovative techniques that improve the overall patient experience from scarring to recovery.  He is also a world leader in accommodating vital multi-ethnic approaches to ensure every patient receives truly bespoke treatment.  These traits are why patients travel from all over the world to visit his clinics in London, UK, and Dubai, UAE.  Here is a breakdown of the type of rhinoplasty procedures performed by Dr Bizrah.


Occasionally referred to as ‘standard’ or ‘primary’ rhinoplasty, this procedure aims to create a more balanced facial appearance by altering the bridge, nose tip, and alar bases (nostrils) to refresh the shape, size or to enhance the shape of the nose.  Dr Bizrah is one of the leading nose reshaping surgeons in the UK and the UAE.


A deviated septum is the most common cause of breathing impairment and septorhinoplasty involves the correction of this cartilage partition to better align the nasal structure and therefore improve airflow and breathing.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

This involves the practice of rhinoplasty techniques with an emphasis on necessary changes or considerations that will be required to preserve and enhance the patient’s ethnicity.  Dr Bizrah ensures that all of his patients know he has a full understanding of their unique qualities and is able to retain their ethnic identity whilst achieving the results they want.  This procedure is most commonly request by patients of Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or African descent.

Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty

Dr Bizrah’s experience and expertise have ensured that he remains at the forefront of the very best and the most innovative rhinoplasty techniques.  One of his specialisms is Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty, commonly required for saddling noses.  This is where a piece of the patient’s own rib cartilage is taken to fully redesign the shape of their nose and achieve the desired result in the most natural way possible.  Dr Bizrah has also developed his own technique for reducing graft displacement or floating and that archives precise graft placement.

Revision, or Secondary Rhinoplasty

This is when a second or additional rhinoplasty procedure is required to revise the effects of a previously unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgery.  Dr Bizrah’s unrivalled experience allow him to see where other mistakes might have been made and how to provide unique solutions to ensure the patient’s happiness.  Dr Bizrah has a strong track record in corrective rhinoplasty, even when it comes to finding the right solution for patients who have undergone multiple rhinoplasties in the past.

Sinuses Rhinoplasty

As with septorhinoplasty, there can be internal issues that are the deciding factor for undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure.  As a consultant otolaryngologist who has studied ear, nose and throat, Dr Bizrah is expertly trained in internal nasal procedures and is able to conduct a wide range of treatments including an enlarged turbinectomy, broken nose correction and nasal polyps, all in conjunction with any necessary aesthetic alterations.

Results and Recovery

Since Dr Bizrah has performed over 38,000 scarless rhinoplasty procedures and is regarded as one of the world’s top nose surgeons and rhinoplasty specialists, you know you will be in good hands whether you receive your treatment in his London, UK clinic or his Dubai, UAE clinic.  In terms of outcomes, the final results can take up to 12 months to be fully visible once the swelling has fully subsided, but patients of Dr Bizrah will see their desired look manifest in harmony with their own facial features.  As well as his industry-leading multi-ethnic approach that caters to the individual needs of his patients, Dr Bizrah is also a pioneer when it comes to innovative techniques that improve their overall experience in terms of procedure length, how invasive it is, the time of recovery and the amount of potential scarring.  Dr Bizrah specialises in the Closed Rhinoplasty approach, often referred to as the Scarless Rhinoplasty approach, in which the incisions are made within the nostril and therefore result in minimal to no scarring post-surgery.  This is often far preferrable for patients than the Open Rhinoplasty approach in which incisions are made on the columella, the soft tissue that separates the nostrils, and can increase the potential for lasting scars.  Dr Bizrah’s techniques are so impressive that he is called to teach them at facial plastic surgery conferences all over the world.  Ultimately however, his aim to advance rhinoplasty procedures for the benefit of the patient and optimise the potential for natural, lasting results, rapid and painless healing and minimal or no scarring.

Combination Surgery

Dr Bizrah is also an ENT surgeon, which enables him to perform septorhinoplasty procedures, often in combination with rhinoplasty, to improve breathing issues and nose shape.  This type of procedure allows him to fix internal nasal structural issues such as nasal polyps, turbinectomy, nasal deviation or a broken nose.


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Dr. Bizrah is extremely good at what he is doing and most importantly he makes sure that the patient will feel comfortable and satisfied too. I have more confidence now than I’ve ever had before because of my rhinoplasty. More power and success and thank you for doing a great job.

Lina Bassam, London (UK)

Dr. Bashar Bizrah is an amazing doctor and a real expert in his field of profession. I would like to extend our gratitude for bringing back the confidence of my cousin, she underwent septo-rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Bizrah about 2years ago and we were really happy with the result. the procedure was under local anesthesia with sedation which made her go home on the same day, as per her she doesn’t feel any pain and discomfort during the rhinoplasty surgey and she really had a fast recovery and able to go back work after few days only.

Mira Karam, Dubai (UAE)

To doctor Bashar Bizrah: I am writing to thank u for ur excellent work. I came all the way from my home country to London to look for a professional surgeon, and it was really worth it. Once again thank u so much for the amazing work u did, and I do really appreciate all the support u gave me before and after the rhinoplasty surgery

Z.El Hassani, Riyadh (SA)

I have a friend who came and visit Dr. Bashar Bizrah to have a consultation. And from the time after meeting her Doctor she never doubted him. My friend undergo a surgery (Septo-rhinoplasty) to him. From the start until now she was very happy and satisfied with her result. And based on her experience, it was good to be treated with professionalism and care. All his works were spectacular, she added. After 3 years up to the present time, she gained self-confidence in many ways. All her experience was a meaningful and a great day. Moreover, she felt that “coming in his clinic is like dealing with a trusted family”. All thanks to doctor Bashar Bizrah.

S.G, London (UK)

Doctor Bashar Bizrah is one of the best doctor’s I  have seen in my life. I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor from the beginning till the end of surgery when my cousin did her rhinoplasty surgery with him. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bashar Bizrah to all my family, relatives and friends if they want to do rhinoplasty surgery. He is the best.

Josh, London (UK)

I had Blepharoplasty 6 months ago with Dr. Bashar Bizrah. And the result is amazing! Dr Bashar explains all the details to me very professionally during my consultation that makes me decide to do the surgery. He is an amazing surgeon

Caroline Marcelino, London (UK)

We would like to thank Dr.Bashar Bizrah Me and my sister, We are very happy with the results after the operation. Of course, the result of my rhinoplasty is probably the best thing about my experience.

Zoya and Alena, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

The rhinoplasty experience was great. I love my results and have recommended them to everyone who has expressed interest in having the procedure done. This was the best decision of my life. I’m beyond satisfied. The results were spectacular and went above and beyond what I thought possible. I actually feel pretty now!

Gwen, London (UK)

Dr. Bizrah and his skilled staff are the absolute best at what they do. They make you feel comfortable and take the best care of you. I love my perfect nose now. So, of course Dr. Bizrah was the right fit for my rhinoplasty.

Katrina, London (UK)

I feel confident and beautiful! My face is overall just better! My nose was way too big and now it is more delicate and feminine and just suits me so much more! The faculty was unbelievable professional and friendly! My rhinoplasty surgery results are out of this world better than I would have imagined!

Isla, London (UK)

I feel that I had an amazing experience with Dr. Bizrah and his team. His whole staff made the rhinoplasty experience comfortable from the very first phone call. They all made me feel extremely comfortable and helped me immensely through my Rhinoplasty surgery

Jessica, London (UK)

The surgeon listened to what I wanted and made sure that it would look good and proportionate with my face. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and I trusted him greatly with my surgery. He not only made sure it would look good after the surgery but he also accounted for the future growth of my face and dropping of the nose. I am extremely happy with the results of my rhinoplasty.

Michelle, London (UK)

I breathe better, snore less…and haven’t had a single sinus infection since the operation. Dr. Bizrah has many years of experience in rhinoplasty and I love my results!

Jennifer, London (UK)

Dr. Bizrah was amazing, he walked me through the process of my rhinoplasty in great detail.
I am more confident in my everyday life. Dr. Bizrah and his practiced changed my life forever and I will forever be grateful.

Aliya, Dubai (UAE)

I feel more comfortable with my new nose. I feel more confident and it looks so natural I feel like I was born this way!! I am so happy I made the decision to have a rhinoplasty with Dr. Bizrah and his staff are truly amazing.

Zara, Dubai (UAE)

All the staff are friendly and helpful! They all explained everything in depth. To where I fully understood everything! I am very satisfied because Dr.Bizrah got needs of exactly how I wanted my nose to look. Truly the best nose surgeon !

Sarah, London (UK)

I have been looking to get a nose job for 10 years. Dr. Bizrah had made my life more easier. He is one of the Best rhinoplasty surgeon around. Very professional. Amazing result.

Amina, Dubai (UAE)

Dr. Bashar is the best at what he does. I really believe he’s mastered rhinoplasty. I personally have reviewed the doctor’s previous work for rhinoplasty and was very impressed. My expectations were met and I am very happy.

Kelly, London (UK)

Excellent and very interesting webinar! Great videos. Looking forward for more