What is the best treatment for Eyebags in London?

Periorbital Puffiness or eyebag formation is the term used to describe swelling around the eyes in otherwise healthy persons. The orbital structure of the human eye is positioned in the hollows of the bony orbit and protected by orbital fat that is spread around it like a cushion. This is held in its position by the overlying tissues in turn covered by periorbital thin skin. Disruption of the collagen fibres of the skin weakens the tissues and muscles underlying it. This makes the adipose fat bulge out from underneath the skin and result in eyebag formation. Occasionally, this is accompanied by additional water retention that exacerbates the puffy condition.

Eyebags treatment in London

London always had the reputation of housing the most elite and cosmetically conscious population. Being among the first cities to witness urbanisation, the fast paced life and modernization has increasingly attracted people from other regions of UK and around the world to be a part of its growth and cultural identification.

Cosmetic requirements and advent of cosmetic medical science has led to a steady demand for age reversal methods and eyebags treatment in London. Making a number of cosmetic and dermatological centres offer under eye bag removal  in surgical and non-surgical fashion.


What comes first?

Surgery is not the first choice of treatment for under eye bag removal. It is opted for as the final treatment forms when other treatment options do not produce satisfactory levels or when the condition starts making you uncomfortable in public situations.

When you go for eyebags treatment in London, the first step is to pinpoint the reason for bag formation. Age related tissue disposition is often the primary reason. But there are other conditions leading to puffy lids namely

  • Hereditary conditions
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Fluid retention due to kidney problems or excess salt intake
  • Allergic conditions
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Lifestyle factors like excessive smoking or caffeine consumption

Experienced surgeons dealing since years with under eye bag removal and ocular lid conditions always advise to first go first try non-surgical or non-invasive treatment measures before opting for a surgical treatment option. The most important non-surgical options for Eyebags treatment in London are


Ocular remedies like Neotensil are the initial treatment option offered by leading dermatologists practising eyebags treatment in London. Neotensil is a prescription medication that has two components, the Reshaping base and the Activating layer to reshape your bulged eye pockets to perfection. It is preferred by health practitioners in initial stages or the patient is not physically fit for surgical modification.


Laser treatments

Laser treatment is one of the latest mildly invasive treatment methods popular among patients and surgeons for eyebag removal in London. It is offered in systemic conditions or for eyebags due to factors other than age related degeneration.

Laser treatment uses pulsed beams of light to target and tighten the lower lid skin. It is particularly useful in patients with malignant eyebags under lids. A number of surgeons practising eyebag removal in London opt for laser removal  uncooperative or difficult patients not suitable for surgical correction or on patients with exceptionally large eye bags.


Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers especially those containing hyaluronic acid are used in mild to moderate under eye bag removal conditions. A number of clinics offering cosmetic eyebag removal in London opt for Juvederm. Some prefer Restylane because of its additional removal of dark circles.

Dermal fillers don’t remove the eyebags but fill the areas around them for a smooth contour. The hyaluronic acid injected repairs the collagen in due course for more natural looking results.


Chemical peels

Chemical peels are best suited for eyebags formed as a result of thinning of skin without any additional problems. Also referred to as chemical blepharoplasty, in this method various chemical or botanical formulations are used to remove the outer layer of skin. This results in a rejuvenated skin layer growing that leaves the skin tighter and firmer.

Apart from the eyebags, chemical peels also remove skin discoloration and dark circles from ocular regions.



Microneedling or collagen induction therapy is another non-surgical, mildly invasive method under eye bag removal. In the microneedling method, a group of extremely small needles are used to create punctures or micro wounds on the area being treated. These wounds are inflicted to make the body send healing signals and repair broken cells and capillaries.

Microneedling has been known to be effective for minor eye bags. It is especially useful for patients with different skin types who may be sensitive to other treatment methods.


Home remedies and other treatment options

Applying cold compress under the eyes, sleeping with the head in an elevated position are some of the home remedies advised for eye bags reduction. Getting the sinuses evaluated and antihistamines for allergic conditions are some other treatment options that indirectly help in lessening the effects of eye bags formation.


There are a number of downsides attached to the non-surgical approach of eye bags removal. Firstly, they produce variable results in different persons and thus are rather unreliable options. Secondly, they do not provide a permanent solution to the problem. The treated eye bags eventually return making it important to get repeat sessions that can prove expensive in the long run. Some other disadvantages of these methods are

  • They are not suited for all skin tones
  • People with keloid formation are not eligible for the laser, chemical peel or microneedling method.

It is when these methods are either inapplicable for use or do not produce any satisfactory results that surgical methods of eye bags removal are taken into consideration.

Eyebag surgery in London

Eyebag surgery in London is performed in a number of surgeons providing cosmetic eye surgeries. What makes Dr Bashar Bizrah different from the rest are his exceptional surgical skills and expertise in dealing with eye bags conditions. He has till date performed over a thousand successful Blepharoplasty surgeries and is consistently in demand as a skilled, talented and experienced surgeon.

Usually eyebag surgery in London in other centers tends to be completed keeping only the removal factor in mind. Dr Bizrah provides a holistic and customised approach to the under eye bag removal and takes care of the psychological aspect of treatment with the main surgical treatment condition. Through his innovative surgical approach he had revolutionised eyebag treatment in London and made it more accessible and affordable to the general public.

During Eyebag removal through surgery

Under eyebag removal is performed through lower Blepharoplasty method. The steps of surgical excision are

Step 1:

You are administered general anesthetics and the lid areas marked for surgical incisions.

Step 2:

The surgeon makes incisions in the lower eye lid portion. Generally the underside of the lid is chosen for minimal scarring afterwards. 

Step 3:

Excess fat that has been protruding out is removed and the remaining fat modified with the muscles and tissues.

Step 4:

After finishing the modifications, the incised portion is sutured . The operated area sterilised before being covered with pad bandages and a shield.

After completion you are shifted to the inpatient department or ward and monitored till the anaesthetic effects wear off.

Some surgeons practice the ‘Awake’ method and other innovative methods of lower Blepharoplasty for surgical precision and best results. In these methods local anaesthetics are used instead of general anaesthesia. The recovery period is considerably less in these methods.

Even with the best technology being made available to the patient, proper preoperative precautions are mandatory for success of the method. A number of leading clinics providing eyebag surgery in London have brochures containing surgical guidelines with a detailed list of precautions. Along with educating the patient, it creates awareness in him for proper care afterwards.

Eyebag surgery in London by Dr Bizrah has come a long way since the years. The surgical expertise of Dr Bashar Bizrah coupled with best quality results has attracted cosmetic clientele from throughout the world. Apart from the surgical advancements and dexterity of surgeons, the position of London in the heart of the UK has made it one of the best accessed oculo-dermatological centres of the world.

Advantages of surgical removal of Eyebags over other methods

Long lasting and immediately noticeable results are two of the main advantages of surgical removal of eyebags over other methods. The risk of skin damage through chemical peels for acne aggravation because of microneedling is very less in this method. Additionally, because of internal incisions, the risk of scar or keloid formation is very less in surgical treatment of eyebags.

It is because of these modalities that eyebags treatment in London is best preferred through surgical methods. Eyebag removal in London has been rendered more popular in recent times after the use of combined removal methods. In this, surgical methods are combined with other mildly invasive methods for best methods. In either condition, proper adherence to the treatment plan of the surgeon and maintaining the results are equally important for the success of results.